The world is under chaos due to a contagious virus known as ZoViD-27, anyone infected by this disease turns into a zombie! No one is brave enough to take care of this virus. You must step out and cure all the transformed citizens and save the world!

Make sure to take care of everyone!


A.R. Assad - Art, animations and level designs

The Scorecerer - Music, SFX and level designs

thaSeNNiN - Programming and levels


Download 30 MB


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This was a great game! I only reached the second level with two zombies together before I died haha. Great game! I like the idea, ZOVID 27. The art is great too! You should be proud.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

So I reached the 2nd or 3rd level and the ambulance at the end doesn't transport me to the next level. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get to the next levels.

The idea is interesting, especially the variety of ways you can cure the zombies.

What I would have liked was a bit more snappy player controller (less slipping).

Is this your first game/first time as a team? If so, I'd say it's a solid effort. Not bad !

For the ambulance issue, you have to cure all the zombies to be able to go to the next level.

And it was my first finished game (I'm the artist) and first time as a team.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh okay. That makes sense.


Same, I only reached the third level.